Nick Maggio Photo Of the Day

The Photo of the Day spot in our sidebar has been through a few different phases as far as who has been in charge of updating it. It started with Rich Hirsch, then Chad Shack had it for a bit and over the past year or so, it’s been updated by everyone who blogs on Defgrip. We though it would be cool to open it back up to some other people and hit up our friendĀ Nick Maggio from A Time To Get to see if he’d be into taking over the POD for a month. Nick is known for his amazing iPhone photos and we knew he’d be perfect for the job, so keep a look out for Nick’s photos in our sidebar (and on our Flickr page) for the next 30 days!

3 responses to “Nick Maggio Photo Of the Day”

  1. Kyle says:

    I look forward to seeing what Nick posts.

  2. caleb says:

    Pretty much the only guy around that’s allowed to just bring his iphone to photoshoots. seriously. Nick rules so hard.

  3. says:

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