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There isn’t really a good story to go along with this shot, except for the fact that Chad Kerley has one of the best backyard ramps ever built. Not only does he go a mile high on each of the 6′ quarters, the 5′ street spine is a treat to blast. Every time I’ve been at a session someone asks if they can jump on the roof from the 6′ and every time Chad says “No, my parents will kill me.” But every time he says it, there is more an more hesitation in his answer. I give it 6 more months. Until then, blasting no-footed can-can will have to do.

Justin Kosman

5 responses to “Justin Kosman @ Random”

  1. Preston says:


  2. tom perry says:

    Watching Chad ride that ramp is a pleasure. Riding that ramp was pretty fantastic as well. I need to do that again sometime soon. As for the photo, Justin, it’s down right epic. Look forward to seeing the less talented stunts you shot of me on that ramp!

  3. John Adams says:

    daaang, what’s that radius at, 100? Cool shot.

  4. LandonP says:

    Cool photo, nice colors, odd angle

  5. Meri says:

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