Josh Allsopp @ Random

Two @ Random’s in a row? I know… But this one was too good to sit on. If you watched any off the footage from the Notro contest in Toronto you know what Drew Bezanson did in the raftors, there for you need to check out this photo.

Drew Bezanson by Josh Allsopp – Click to enlarge

I was at the Toronto Notro Jam this weekend. This was the finals, last heat, final tricks. The crowd had been going nuts every time Drew hit the course throughout the weekend. He went for this, hung up and fell straight to his head. Started bleeding out it and some girl was trying to stop the bleeding and bandage his head while he was trying to fix his bike so he could try it again. I guess he convinced them he way ok and tried it again. Landed so perfect, the crowd fucking exploded, Catfish threw his seat off the quarter followed by other peoples seats. Then Garret Reynolds picked up one of them and started smashing it off the ramps, and everyone started throwing shoes, drinks, shirts, food, and various other shit on to the course, still standing up and screaming. It was awesome.

Check out more of Josh Allsopp’s photos on Flickr.

4 responses to “Josh Allsopp @ Random”

  1. tim says:

    crazy bastard….slam looked pretty rough…

  2. David Lang says:

    that picture right there is some zen shit. how he’s keeping his cool in that position is anyone’s guess. amazing.

  3. mO says:

    That dude rocks.

  4. Brittany says:

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