Garrett Reynolds Props Bio

Garrett Reynolds is unreal. That’s all I can really say. Click below to peep his Stew Johnson filmed Props bio from the new issue.

In related news, Props just launched WWW.PROPSBMX.TV.

23 responses to “Garrett Reynolds Props Bio”

  1. Harrison Boyce says:


  2. Micah says:

    Disappointed when I realized that I misread the title and was expecting Garrett Byrnes. Disappointment only lasted until the end of the first clip.

  3. kevinmcavoy says:


  4. sven says:

    fuck yes

  5. FRed says:

    Hey Micah Garrett Byrnes Bio is up at as well

  6. drew says:

    most amazing shit ive seen ever!

  7. chris says:

    I just quit..

  8. simon says:

    men….completly insane .

  9. Dagwood says:

    Has there been a crazier street edit?

  10. one-T says:

    oh my fkn god.

  11. sergio ruiz says:

    shit holy the best

  12. stoned kyle says:

    i think he pulls better lines than I could imagine

  13. Neil Harrington says:

    hahaah. Looks fun to do that.

  14. adrian says:

    what name of song?

  15. E.T says:

    Fuck sick shredding!!!!!
    Whats The Song NAME!!!!!????????????????
    the “garrett reynolds bio redux” is fucken sick too

  16. Jason says:

    okay.. i am building a statue of Reynolds in my backyard

  17. Craig says:

    reynolds is straight gangster

  18. Majek says:

    i’ve watched it about 100 times since it was released and still i jizz my pants during this edit
    too sick