Devin Feil @ Random

This February while I was staying with Alex Raban, this feeble was something he wanted to try to get filmed. We stopped by one day early in the week to find a car parked right in front of the landing. Alex works nearby at his family’s pizza shop and said that more often than not on his way to or from work the landing would be clear. Of course this made his 3rd or 4th attempt to get the clip only to find a car in the way. We ended up over in the area again a couple days later and we figured we might as well give it another shot. With the landing clear and it nearing 6 o’clock we were a little worried that the homeowner might arrive anytime, so I got setup real quick. Alex took one look and then got it done first go.

Devin Feil

4 responses to “Devin Feil @ Random”

  1. sven says:

    damn dipping on some dudes house thats whats up. good stuff feil kids racing

  2. Yvonne says:

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