Defgrip X Duo Pivotal Seat

For the past few months we have been working with Duo to design and limited edition Pivotal seat! We worked off the “S.L” shape and kept the colors simple with black top and white base. The seat has some tonal stitching and a woven label on the front, and an embossed logo on the back. We are super excited on how they turned out and cant wait to throw them on our bikes. You can get them from Greenhouse Distribution and check out a few more shots of the seat after the jump!

Defgrip X Duo Pivotal seat - Click to enlarge

Defgrip X Duo Pivotal seat - Click to enlarge

  • Chris

    Those are nice.
    Liking that logo design

  • Chris Wilmshurst

    Not coming out in UK then? that sucks 🙁

  • Matt

    So nice. I’m getting two ordered… I’m so stoked!

  • Harrison Boyce

    Chris, I’m pretty sure they will be available world wide. If you shop or mail order carries Duo, you should be able to get the seat!

  • Muth


    This seat will be available through Shiner Distro in the UK….

  • Shiner not Seventies?!
    20Twenty will carry these for sure!

  • Chris Wilmshurst

    20Twenty! put one by for me!

  • looking good.

  • LandonP

    Looks good