Defgrip Presents the BMX shorts at the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival

Defgrip is teaming up with the Bicycle Film Festival this year to help find, pick, and curate the BMX portion of the festival. We have lots of info about the festival, submissions and we even put together a video to promote the whole thing, so keep reading to get all the info and make sure to spread the word! We want to do everything we can to make the BMX portion of the festival amazing and we won’t be able to do it with your your help!!


2010 marks the year Defgrip teams up with the Bicycle Film Festival to curate and host the BMX content portion of the festival. By content we mean FILMS!

What have you got to show us and the world?

We are looking for short films under 10 minutes that are innovative, creative and tell a story.

Having made our fair share of videos, we know how much fun it is to film tricks and edit them to music, but we challenge you to come up with a storyline, a way to captivate an audience and get people excited about bikes, especially BMX.


Defgrip and Bicycle Film Festival will collaborate to round-up submissions, screen entries, and make the final selection of films for the 2010 Festival that will screen around the world.

If your film makes it into the Festival, you could get world-wide exposure. With screenings in over 30 cities throughout the globe, the Bicycle Film Festival is an amazing platform to tell your story, get it in front of a new audience and show your work on an international scale!

How do I submit my film?

To submit your film:
Got to for all submission information.

Giving the quick submission deadline, we are accepting films that have already been online, but we are much more enthusiastic about films that are new to show and have yet to be seen.

There is no submission fee

17 responses to “Defgrip Presents the BMX shorts at the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival”

  1. Brent says:

    Submitting a film I made a couple years ago, and possibly another if I get it done in time.

  2. Tom Silins says:

    the above video is something i’ve always wanted to do from a sociology students viewpoint. great job guys!

  3. errrrrr says:

    that really sucked

  4. bt says:

    sounds rad has anyone found any existing videos? i remember a stop-motion Orchid ad from years back that was cool but i haven’t seen any narrative bmx stuff lately.

  5. Adam Banton says:

    This is awesome. Good job to all of the Defgrip crew! You guys rule and keep up the good work.

  6. cant wait to see the entries on this.

  7. andyb says:

    one more reason to love defgrip

  8. David Lang says:

    that call for entries video is so good!!

  9. Ken says:

    Yo Defgrip this is exactly what you should be doing instead of reblogging yimmys yayo you know. I mean I’m down that kind of stuff but Defgrip should be where bmx meets that world. Progressive shit like this post. Well done.

  10. Nudnik says:

    is the 10 minute time limit firm? I have a video of a roadtrip to Ray’s that is 12+ minutes long that seems to be getting some good reviews. Would it qualify?

  11. Harrison Boyce says:

    Nudnik, 12+ minutes is totally cool. We are just looking for films “around” 10 min. Thanks!!

  12. Nudnik says:

    Sweet! Can I enter more than 1 video? I only ask because I have a video I’m working on that’ll be under 10 minutes (I hope) and I’m really stoked on how it’s coming along now but in case I can’t get it finished in time I want to enter a video I just finished a week ago as a safety net, sorta.

  13. Harrison Boyce says:

    yeah, you can enter as many videos as you want!

  14. Sweeney says:

    Will this BMX related stuff be playing at the BFF in Seattle as well?

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  16. Rosaria says:

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