Defgrip Original – Ruben Alcantara

I had the great opportunity to visit Malaga, Spain and stay with Ruben in February. While I was there, I had a few requests to do an Original with him. While the trip was work related I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the time or not to make the interview happen, but right at the last minute before Ruben took me to the airport we sat down for a half hour and made it happen! I’m real happy we squeezed it in!

Ruben is a legend in his own regard, having made a heavy impact of the current style of riding as well as the type of bikes we ride and being responsible for some of the most influential video parts of our generation. Ruben is not only an amazing rider, but an amazing person and I have been a fan since I can remember!

filmed by Andrew McMullen
edited by
  • YES!!

  • sven

    need more dudes like ruben in bmx

  • Yes ruben is so awesome. such a nice guy.

  • Legend, hands down.

  • josh t-1

    so stoked to see this! Ruben always has a positive outlook and BMX needs more of that

  • LOL

    Ha! I got angel pussy in your bed

  • Chris Wilmshurst

    Ruben is my hero! great interview!

  • I love this. Good job Defgrip

  • nuno milhinhos

    Ruben is the real friend and the pure bmx of life
    Nice interview, cheers my friend
    hope to see you soon

  • awesome! just get your flash video compression settings dialed so it streams enjoyable.. one

  • So nice!!! Ruben changed the bmx in the last decade for sure!!!

  • muy buen trabajo amigos, ruben es de esa clase de personas que arriba o abajo de su BMX tiene mucho que dar, en mexico yo y mis amigos lo respetamos mucho

  • awesome , had a hard time understanding him a little

  • Stoked on this. Fuck yeah.

  • Andy Persing

    Ruben is an influential person and it was really inspiring to hear what he had to say about things.

  • Forward got me back into BMX. I thank Ruben for that. Legend.

  • NB

    Made my day. Cheers guys

  • Tez

    crazy chicken what a guy!

  • Algirdas

    Ruben is rad! Good work Defgrip.

  • Alexander Kio

    Ruben is the man! He has influenced my riding so much!

  • Chris King

    Awesome interview! Not trying to be over-critical but it would have made the interview more organic if Ruben could have stated his reponses in Spanish…with English subtitles. No offense to Ruben but it could have made it more interesting. In the end, great job Mr.McMullen and hope to see more of these in the future! Here’s an idea… how about a Defgrip Original’ with Mike Aitken…?

  • LandonP

    Good watch, very true what he’s saying…

  • traskVT

    awesome, as everything that has Ruben in it always is.

  • Pablo S

    I’ve allways thought that Ruben was a nice person (by watching him in videos and perceiving his humble and nice attitude about bmx and pro lifestyle) , but this interview shows that more than this, he has a pure and clear view about what’s going on with bmx nowadays, and it’s very comforting to hear him talk about it.

    saludos desde Barcelona

  • adam

    Such an inspirational rider, hes always done his own thing, the truest pro there could be.

  • Paulo Martins

    Ruben, his one of the humble and niciest persons that I’ve had the pleasure to know! And as far from the BMX side, he made his own path, with pure heart and style. See you soon around here (Portugal) amigo.

  • Adam Banton

    Good job Defgrip and Ruben. Great to watch.

  • so

    fine job andrew
    ruben is lovely
    defgrip a very very good thing in BMX
    and a very good thing for BMX
    riding bikes no matter what size your wheels is great
    keep celebrating

  • Andy

    I ride 26″ wheels always have, I only really follow bmx blogs for nice vids by ruben, mikey, that guy who rides the bright yellow bike. Whenever i read or see ruben he always reminds to be myself and think of the good things in life, like good friends, good food the past times I enjoy and less about being a slave to my job.

    If you get around to reading this Ruben, for me pal your up there with all the cycling greats hoffman, peat, vouilloz, chausson, armstrong, the great belgian Eddy Merckx

  • Bernardo

    Buena entrevista Ruben eres un maquina no solo con la bmx si no tambien como persona un saludo espero verte pronto.

  • I finally just remembered to check this out. Awesome watch, shame on me for slacking!

  • C. Doyle

    I love these things. Keep ’em rollin’.

  • Glad I waited so long to watch this, definitely a highlight to the day. Great edits Andrew.

  • matty

    still an amazing rider, I met ruben ten years ago at a skatepark in michigan and he was a really cool guy, kids these days don’t see it though because he doesnt wear tight pants and fitteds. ruben is the shit!

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