Carhartt in Portugal

The Carhartt crew recently hit up Portugal as part of their “Visit My Town” series. Thanks to Paulo for notifying me, or I would probably have never seen this (carhartt, get at me). This is part 4 and features Stefan Lantschner, Mike Miller, Eduard Zunda, Francisco Jimenez and Hugo Almeida.Shot and cut by: Alberto Accettulli

Hit up the site HERE for some photos and click below for the edit.

7 responses to “Carhartt in Portugal”

  1. Kyle says:

    That was great! I wish the euro carhartt stuff was available in the US.

  2. ChrisRiesner says:

    that was shot really well, anyone know what it was filmed with? looked like DSLR but i could have sworn there was some zooming involved

  3. vince says:

    P2 with caméra lens…

  4. Paulo Martins says:

    This is a great video, and a glimpse of the parks and spots in Lisbon, cause there are more to see and ride over here. They dis a hell of a good job in 3 days of riding! showing BMX at is best. Thanks guys for coming and visit my friend Hugo, now it’s time for others to come and ride. Fell free and invited to come ride with us.

  5. ryan says:

    The riding was amazing and the filming was great but the music was putting to sleep. The music on its own is fine but it really dampened what looked like a fun trip and a lively edit.

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