Almond Shoes

The We The People guys have been cooking up a new shoe project for a while and just hit us with a preview of their new footwear brand – Almond. We’ll have more info soon, but for now, keep reading to check out a preview of the new shoes!

Almond Shoes - Click to enlarge

  • Kyle

    They look good. Hope they make something synthetic.

  • shoegoo

    Yeah double-stitched toe. What is this 94?

  • Ryan

    I hope they ride/fit/last better than their average look

  • Dave allday

    They look like my old loteks from when lotek could make shoes properly, so hell yes I’d like a pair.

  • stoned kyle

    not my style, and the logo makes no sense

  • tom

    not feeling the name / logo. hope that’s not all they have…

  • moebius

    Where have I seen those shoes before? Oh, wait … Every other “BMX” shoe company there is (was)! No wonder Nike is so successful …

  • Josh

    Really liking the logo, clean and simple the way it should be. Not into mids but its still nice to see another BMX specific shoe brand in the market.

  • one-T

    that far-east factory gets another order for cookie cutter shoes…lucky them.


    Reckon they should stick to bikes…

  • Matt Lamoureaux

    Stupid Orchids.

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