Vincent Perraud: Wallpaper Winner!!

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for the winner of this contest! It looked like there was a few people who voted more than once, but overall we were blow away by how many people put their pick in! At almost 300 comments, this was the most commented post ever in Defgrip history!! There was a lot of votes for each dude, but Vincent Perraud came threw with the win!! We have Vincent’s wallpaper ready for download in few different sizes as well as iPhone size, so click the jump and get a new wallpaper… We will also have all the other entries available for download later this week… Again, huge thanks to everyone who submitted a wallpaper and to everyone who voted. We have a few more contest lined up right away, so get ready!!

1920x1200 - Click to Download

1680x1050 - Click to Download


1440x900 - Click to Download

1280x800 - Click to Download

1024x768 - Click to Download

iPhone - Click to Download

2 responses to “Vincent Perraud: Wallpaper Winner!!”

  1. pedro says:

    put some more comp’s like this on soon! it was well fun!

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