Tokyo Camera Style

I came across this link to Tokyo Camera Style on Yimmy the other day and what can you really say? It’s an amazing blog (with an extreme nerd level) that strictly showcases photographers holding their cameras. If you are a regular reader of Defgrip, you know we have a major soft spot for all types of cameras… There’s something about them that can easily draw me in, loosing an entire work day, not looking at actual photos, but photos of cameras, thus making Tokyo Camera Style a gift and a curse.

9 responses to “Tokyo Camera Style”

  1. Paula says:

    great post, great gear.

  2. You had to throw the T2 in there, didn’t ya. haha….

  3. Luke says:

    Contax t2/3 are lovely cameras. awesome

  4. cameronasa says:

    Dear Defgrip,
    This is why I love you,

  5. David Lang says:

    I was about to make fun of you for being a camera nerd… until I checked out those photos after the jump and got so psyched.

  6. no says:

    hilariously similar to pictures of dudes holding their dicks, or guns, or standing near their cars

  7. Bryan says:

    siked on the yashica in the mix there

  8. corkgrips says:

    thanks for showing me my new favorite tumblr sir.

  9. says:

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