Ride, Rise, Roar

Ride, Rise, Roar, is a David Byrne concert documentary I’ve been personally anticipating now for a while! Directed by Hillman Curtis and shot by Ben Wolf. They follow Byrne, Brian Eno, Dancers, and choreographers, as they document songs, live stage performances, behind the scenes rehearsals, and interviews, giving a glimpse of what its like to go on tour around the world, and the creative process that goes behind it! It will be premiering at this years SXSW film festival in Austin TX. check out the trailer here, I cant wait to see it!

6 responses to “Ride, Rise, Roar”

  1. kyle ep says:

    that live cd they put out a while ago is so dope! I watch it straight thru everytime.

  2. MeGaSLoT says:

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  3. Georgia says:

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