Mike Burroughs’ BMW 5 series

After my early 20s I pretty much wanted nothing to do with “modded” cars. But what our buddy Mike Burroughs did with his once-totalled E28-chassis BMW is another thing entirely.

This car lived a long life and went through a lot of phases. Luckily Mike is nice with the camera and documented every iteration of it. When the car finally met its end, Mike made a rather tasteful short video dedicated to its memory, which you can view below.

11 responses to “Mike Burroughs’ BMW 5 series”

  1. Max says:

    Beautiful. I’m a big Bimmer fan, and this is probably one of the hottest/ghettoest e28 I’ve seen.

  2. big fan of this car no doubt. been following the build. much love.

  3. DAKINS says:

    Unstretch the tires and change the camber to a more reasonable angle and that car would be amazing.

  4. GaryG says:

    I need to show this story to the rest of the automotive world. Amazing no one ever tells the history behind cars like this.

  5. strappy says:

    I dont know why but I love this car. I have a 2000 Lincon LS maybe Ill put a rack on top of it and some big rims, but I live MI. The roads will kill it here. If oyu are MI you know what I mean.

  6. dalton hotl says:

    thats a contender to being the most badass car ever, i was hoping they would start it up or something

  7. jx says:

    @Gary: There’s actually been a lot of discussion about this car on automotive enthusiast sites for the past few years. It’s sort of infamous, with a lot of devoted love and hate on both sides. I absolutely love this car.

  8. Thi says:

    What kind of front valance/lip is that?

  9. smoovebert says:

    and now rusty is gone

  10. June says:

    All sorts of investments include certain risks.