Hole Shot Issue 6

When I returned from New York, the new issue of Hole Shot zine was happily waiting for me at my desk.  The sixth installment of Hole Shot is dope and the zine continues to get better and better each issue. With a great cover photo by Kyle Emery-Peck, a one sentence Fit Life review, and the price of a mere $5, everyone should pick one up!

11 responses to “Hole Shot Issue 6”

  1. kyle ep says:

    thx for the kind words harrison!

  2. Walter Braverman says:

    holeshot’s rad. no eggs.

  3. Anthem 2 says:

    yeah Nick, this issue was way sick!

  4. Bob says:

    solid zine, solide dude.

  5. tom perry says:

    Nick is a solid dude.

  6. Hines says:

    Yep, holeshot rules. Can’t wait for issue 7.

  7. Ryan C. says:

    Awesome as always!

  8. nanoo.net says:

    Traders do pay direct and oblique costs.