Hoang Tran / Estonia

Hoang Tran refers to Estonia as an “awesome arctic tundra of a city”. He was kind enough to hook us up with some of the photos he took while checking the place out during his Simpel Session trip.

Click below to check those out.

Old Town

Early morning stroll with the dudes (Garrett, Billy, Gary)

Arctic merchant

Estonian Alley

Dude trying to de-ice his walkway

Gary eat a lot of hot soup to keep warm

Billy and Garrett walking out of my favorite cafe

Arctic Mermaide

Palace at the top of the city

First class transportation

This was one of the best experiences I had when I was in Estonia. When Gary, Garrett, Billy and I finally made it to the top of the city, we were greeted by this women making hot wine and hot juice. Best drink ever!

click to enlarge

From the top of the city

19 responses to “Hoang Tran / Estonia”

  1. I’m real stoked on these pictures! Yeah, Hoang!

  2. Dan OH says:

    Damn Hoang you got some sweet photo’s on this one homie

  3. Alex says:

    Nice ones bong man.

  4. andy says:

    this place looks depressing…

  5. pokerface says:

    “Palace at the top of the city” it isn’n a palace, it’s a church)

  6. Bryan says:

    That place looks like a dreamscape

  7. Duncan says:

    Great photos. Estonia is a country, not a city though.

  8. Hoang says:

    Thanks for clarifying all those things everyone. I thought estonia was a carrot for a little while there. And when a said palace i meant carpet.

  9. billdozer says:

    hell ya. so good times in estonia. and im glad i got off my drunk ass and went with you that morning. thanks for the pics and good times bong!!!!!!!!!!

  10. David Lang says:

    damn, creativity is in this guy’s blood… dope camera skills

  11. Hoang Tran says:

    Damn can you take pictures of me?

  12. Risto says:

    Nice photos! Some are a bit touristish but in a good way. I like the “Estonian Alley” picture.

    Yeah, winters can he hard here in Tallinn but it hasn’t been like this one for several decades. You guys should come out in the summer-time to experience one whole different world too.

  13. asterix says:

    the colours came out amazing.dialed shots, but you’ll need to go a bit further up north to see the tundra:) finland= no park no shit

  14. Kuldar says:

    My home country =)

  15. Gary says:

    These came out awesome. Our early morning site seeing tour of the city was so much fun!

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