French Media Apprentice

Soul BMX worked with Nike on a Media Apprentice program and just announced the winner. Pierre Blondel got the first place spot with a great super 8 film that was apparently put together with no editing! You can check out the video and read about the winners (if you can read French) on the Soul BMX site.

7 responses to “French Media Apprentice”

  1. Anthony Wilhelms says:

    It’s a cool video, but apparently it was put together with editing.

  2. Ryan C. says:

    That song was used in this Woozy video as well,

    I still liked the video, either way. What an awesome contest. Good job Nike, involvement like this rules… just spread the word to your US rep’s as well!

  3. repier says:

    i made the video. there’s no edit : just raw footage and song added…

  4. vince P says:

    well done le good Repier!!

  5. Bink says:

    My connection is crap, so I’m still waiting for the video to load, but I like the overview of the project.

  6. David Lang says:

    thought that was a nice video!

  7. says:

    And that is an funding risk price taking.