DIG BMX 75 Preview

DIG sent through a preview of their new issue, click below to check it out.

STOKED on seeing fresh young riders on covers.


012 BALLBAG: Matt Coplon and the power of print.
020 IGNITION: Sub-zero adventures in Estonia.
024 DIG THIS!: Tate Roskelly and ‘The Devil Weed’. A Homage to the Bro Bowl. BSD’s US travels. Jeremy Ball’s alter-ego. Garrett Reynolds and his Top 5 street spots. Brian Chace and the all new Refresh video.
038 BONE DETH THE MOVIE: You know things are messed up when even Burns and Co think it’s weird…
042 EAST WESTt: Costal connections from Randy Brown, Jeff Kocsis, Andrew Jackson and Dave Thompson.
064 PARTNERS IN CRIME: Alex Kennedy and Ian Bengochea get their clips on for Nike 6.0 & FIT in Berlin. (Video online exclusively on www.digbmx.com on Feb 24th)
074 NORTHWEST PASSAGE: The Credence crew blast their way across the country.
094 LOW PROFILE: Berlin tour guide Brian Sadecki takes centre stage for once…
100 COLT FAKE – STURDY WRISTS: Limp wrists more like…
112 SOLID STATE – MIKE ESCAMILLA: An interview inspired by last issue’s rooftop article. Seriously…
118 LOST FOR WORDS: Some classic but homeless photos find their natural home…
126 UNSOUND: R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt.
128 BACKCHAT: Van Homan gets straight to the point…

4 responses to “DIG BMX 75 Preview”

  1. tom perry says:

    Colt Fake is a madman.

  2. looks like a good one, i wish barnes and nobles didn’t lag so hard.

  3. CDC says:

    COlt fake. Fakies to flat 2011

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