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Jesse, vert wall air, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

First of all , I’m gonna say every rider should make a trip out to New York City. I say this because it’s a life changing experience; at least for me it was. So you can assume that I shot this photo in Philly or New York based on the above information. Well on a trip to New York City me and few other friends had the pleasure of riding the Two By Four ramps while we were in Philadelphia. I gotta say its pretty cool to be able to ride with pros that you’ve always looked up to, however it was a pretty chill session. As the night began to wind down I noticed how close this guy was coming to the ceiling; so figured I would snap a photo of it. Here we are with a night that I will always remember and rider that probably doesn’t remember this photo.

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6 responses to “Devon Denham @ Random”

  1. Ryan C. says:

    What a great moment to capture. What’s up with people named Devon being awesome photographers? I checked out this Devon’s site and was equally impressed as when I checked out Devon Hutchins from a few posts back, catfish hollar at me about this conspiracy theory.

  2. devondenham says:

    thanks for the kind words

  3. Jessie Jay says:

    Definitly a fun night, thanks for the photo turned out awesome.

  4. Jeff DuPaul says:

    Jessie Jay!!! sweet photo Devon

  5. Catharine says:

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