Defgrip Exclusive: Tom Perry

Tom Perry put together a super good exclusive edit for Defgrip as well as a fun wallpaper for your desktop needs!

Music – “Thee Only One” by Frankie Rose.

Download a wallpaper from Tom here!

1920 X 1200
1680 X 1050
1280 X 800
1204 X 768

Check out more of Tom’s drawings on his blog –

filmed by
edited by
  • I quite enjoyed that.

  • thizzin


  • wow.

  • Tom Silins

    loved this!!!

  • matty

    san diego spots ?

  • I’d like to thank the dudes at Defgrip, the dudes at Odyssey and the dudes at The Internet. You guys all rule.

  • Damn, now that is a nice wallpaper! Video was real deece too.

  • Carlsbad Mike

    High caliber street nibbles.

  • dre

    so cool!

  • Lucas

    that was refreshing. loved the seat stand manual

  • lovin this artwork

  • bobbyp

    i’m the internet and i approve this message: “Tom Perry rules!”

    that 2 stair got murdered.

  • Kyle


  • good riding good edit good music! hell yea!

  • keeps telling me it’s a private video, damn

  • stoned kyle

    wall ride up stairs is dope!

  • Smiles

    Dope Video, Dope Wallpaper.

  • AlgirdJkr

    Dope shit!

  • ryan

    the defgrip logo is a penis…

  • Ben H

    Heck yeah Tom!

  • tammy

    fun fuck me

  • i dig

  • sicky tits!! manual to bluetooth was bangarangGGGG!!

  • Hoang

    that was so good. good job editing that man

  • sergio ruiz

    nice nice style

  • Stop that 4:3 to 16:9 madness!!! It loooks ugly! Ugly I say and I mean it! Oval rims is not what I anyone expects to see in any video. Also, the riding looks so much uglier in cases like this.

  • Preston

    sooooooooo much bike control! sick edit!

  • Keith Perry

    I still love that nose bonk @ 1:10. EPIC!

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