Cooper Brownlee @ Random

Marnold by Cooper Brownlee – Click to enlarge

We missioned out in a different direction one weekend, most the guys I ride with live on the one side of town so in most cases we will head out to spots and suburbs in the surrounding areas but for once we headed out the total opposite direction to hit some spots we hadn’t been to in a while, like this drain/spillway. I hadn’t been there for a good three years and the guys I was with had never been there.

I was stoked to see it still dry and rideable, we trekked through the paths passing tourists and bushwalkers jumped the fence and proceeded to climb down to the spot below a bridge. We had a few on lookers whilst we were riding but no trouble from anyone.

I shot a bunch of photos but this downside photo of Marnold was my favourite. We probably wont go out in the same direction for a fair while because there really isn’t much out there but for a day it was a fun and productive one.

9 responses to “Cooper Brownlee @ Random”

  1. good photo, nice spot, dope downside whip!

  2. Alex says:

    Awesome spot, awesome downside

  3. sam says:

    that concrete top right, is sooo annoying

  4. claw says:

    havent been there in yearsss

  5. rhys says:

    HOT DOG!!!

  6. Ashley says:

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