2010 Pirelli Calendar

Images from the 2010 Pirelli Calendar have graced the pages of probably every website in the world, but for some reason, they haven’t made their way here yet. Shot this year by Terry Richardson in Brazil and only distributed to top Pirelli customers and other select people, the calendar has been in existence since 1964, featuring a new “super” photographer each year. Previous photographers have included Annie Leibovitz, Nick Knight, Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh, and Richard Avedon (to name a few). What sparked this post was a behind-the-scenes video documenting the whole shoot with interviews with the models and Terry Richardson. All the images and video are pretty NSFW, but keep reading to see some of the shots from the calendar as well as the behind-the-scenes video.

11 responses to “2010 Pirelli Calendar”

  1. Adam Banton says:

    ……….why didn’t I become a professional photographer? Holy cow. Thanks for the post Harrison.

  2. Rob says:

    Smokin hot~! Great post.

  3. WOW says:

    was that amanda girl miranda kerr in disguise or does she have an australian doppelganger??

  4. Marius says:

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  5. DavidLang says:

    terry richardson wins. and as far as brand association goes, pirelli just took on a whole new life for me

  6. meriem says:

    wonderful !!! you gets your under faec to terry normely !!!

  7. bob says:

    Its just a Porn instead of fashion

  8. Nath_envious says:

    I am in the wrong job.

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