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Carne Mag

Ricky Adam (see below) has notified me that he’s also just been featured in something called Carne Mag, which I have never heard of.

I went to the site, downloaded issue 2 and proceeded to be fully blown away by all the great stuff that’s featured. Carne Mag is a monthly digital magazine (yes, flippy pages) and I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve ever come across. First of all, it took a few minutes to download the issue, but I didn’t have to wait for any pages to load when I was checking out the mag so it was worth it. In addition, the whole thing looks really nice and is easy/quick to navigate.

Carne Mag features a good mix of photography, art, design and is definitely worthy of a check out if you are into those things. As an added surprise, Brian Barnhart is also featured in issue 2.

Interview: Ricky Adam

Click below to check out our interview with photographer Ricky Adam.


6.0 P.I.C – Fit Bikes

The latest 6.0 Partners In Crime just dropped over on the DIG SITE.

This time, it’s Ian Bengochea and Alex Kennedy doing it for Fit Bike Co. Some real good tech street stuff in here.

Tokyo Camera Style

I came across this link to Tokyo Camera Style on Yimmy the other day and what can you really say? It’s an amazing blog (with an extreme nerd level) that strictly showcases photographers holding their cameras. If you are a regular reader of Defgrip, you know we have a major soft spot for all types of cameras… There’s something about them that can easily draw me in, loosing an entire work day, not looking at actual photos, but photos of cameras, thus making Tokyo Camera Style a gift and a curse.


DIG BMX 75 Preview

DIG sent through a preview of their new issue, click below to check it out.

STOKED on seeing fresh young riders on covers.


Defgrip Exclusive: Tom Perry

Tom Perry put together a super good exclusive edit for Defgrip as well as a fun wallpaper for your desktop needs! You can check out the edit and wallpaper after the jump.


Caleb Everitt Design

Our good friend Caleb Everitt has updated his portfolio with a slew of amazing new design work! Keeping the site very simple, everything is displayed on a single page letting his work for clients like Mutiny, Hufnagle, and MTV take center stage.

*UPDATE* Check out our previous Q&A with Caleb HERE.


Mat Hoffman – Birth Of Big Air

The Birth Of Big Air is a new film by Spike Jonze, Jeff Tremaine, and Johnny Knoxville about Mat Hoffman. “Mat is awesome as shit, so we decided to make a movie about him.” The film is part of the ESPN 30 for 30 series, documenting monumental sports figures and moments from 1979 – 2009. Keep reading for more info and a great trailer.