Top 10 Posts of 2009 – Part 1

We compiled a list of our top 10 most viewed posts on Defgrip through the past 12 months. It’s great to look back at all the content that was on the site over the past year and it’s especially cool to see that you guys are really into the original content we produce for the site. After the jump you’ll see the 10th-5th most viewed posts and we’ll have the top four post up tomorrow! Thanks for all your support and we couldn’t be here if it was for all the people who check the site on a regular basis. We REALLY appreciate it and we are going to work our asses of to produce even more original content for 2010!

10. Rich Hirsch Defgrip Original

09. S&M Fall Fiesta Photogallery

08. Adam Grandmaison Defgrip Original

07. Van Homan Interview

06. Matty Long Exclusive

05. 2009 Verde Completes

4 responses to “Top 10 Posts of 2009 – Part 1”

  1. Adam H says:

    Keep up the good work Defgrip!
    Love checking it out on a regular basis.

  2. Jacko says:

    Keep up the good work!
    Love the site.

  3. Ron B says:

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Ezequiel says:

    Thank you on your interest in Investment Advice.