Q&A: The Vintage Skeleton

The Vintage Skeleton is a designer that I came across on Flickr and have since looked forward to any new work that he puts up. So with that, I decided to throw some questions his way.

Click below to check out a quick Q&A, some of his work and a wallpaper that you can hook up.

For those who are not familiar with The Vintage Skeleton, please tell us a little about yourself.
I am a freelance web and graphic designer that currently lives in Charlotte, NC.

How did that name come about?
It started when my brother picked on me and called me a “Skeleton” because of my weight. “Vintage” was added because I really started listening to old music in the 11th grade and I also worked at an antique store in my hometown in the summer time, which gave me an influence with the old design I saw.

Was there any one thing or inspiration that got you into design and overall just being creative?
Music and creative visuals plays a big part, and different types of design artists.

Your work has a great mix of images and text, do you have a certain process you go through to create each piece, or are they all different?
I go through a process where I look at a picture and catch a feeling of what it says.

You seem to be a fan of typography. True or false?
True, I like to go around the city or even the grocery store and name fonts I see companies use. It’s kind of like a game because one font can look the same as another one and if you really pay attention you can tell which one is the right one.

Is there a font you wish would disappear?
Actually two, Papyrus and Curlz Mt. Haha

Looking at your site, it seems like you mess with all kinds of design/artistic outlets (music, web etc…). Do you have a preference of what you enjoy working on most?
Graphic and Music the most. I feel like I have more control on those.

What is Air War Magazine?
Air War Magazine is an interactive magazine that features artist from all over the world. It started in 2007, but sadly ended in 2009. With school and freelance work I was only able to make 5 issues.

With the music side of things, what kind of equipment do you use?
Honestly just Fruity Loops 3.4 & Cool Edit Pro. I use those old programs because the usability is very easy and plus, if I integrate sounds from expensive keyboards and MPC’s it’s the same thing lol..it’s how you use the program.

Who are 3 people that inspire you and why?
Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Björk. They inspire me to be creative and stay working.

If we were to look at your desk/work station, what would we see?
A new Hp Desktop (Windows 7), Compaq laptop (Windows Vista), a Seagate external hard drive, and a ton of Verbatim flash drives.

I’m sure you spend some time on the internet, what are some sites you check out daily?
Flickr, Facebook, and Yayhooray.

Are there any current projects you are working on that you would care to spill the beans about?
Working on selling t-shirt’s of new designs I made and hope they play a part in the fashion world.

Thanks for your time, anything you would like to add before we wrap this?
Visit my site: http://www.thevintageskeleton





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