Nike 6.0 & Nigel Contest Entries

We got a bunch of amazing entires from the Nike 6.0 Nigel Sylvester contest. The winner has yet to be picked, but we wanted to share all of the entries we received. Keep reading to see what everyone put together and we’d love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments. We will announce the winner on the site next week!

*Edit – We missed an entry from Stephen Baker, so check out the new addition at the bottom of the page.

Josh Moore

Stefan Thomas

Vincent Perraud

Vincent Perraud

Vincent Perraud

Brendan Vail

Clint Reid

Clint Reid

Diogo Sergio

Diogo Sergio

Diogo Sergio

Doug Metzel

Drew Raison

Gregory Smee

Jon Edwards

Kyle Rosso

Kyle Rosso

Kyle Rosso

Matt Uminski

Zach Rampen

Zach Rampen

Stephen Baker

24 responses to “Nike 6.0 & Nigel Contest Entries”

  1. Kyle says:

    I really like Josh Moore’s tiger, and Vincent Perraud’s first shot of the bike.

  2. Zach says:

    Diggin Rosso’s second one with the ice pick, and Vincent Perraud’s third blurred one with the steps… They all look great tho!

  3. Nate J Johansen says:

    I like the ones by Drew Raison or Stefan Thomas the most.

  4. Ill says:

    Is that all or there are more??

  5. tom perry says:

    Brendan or Stefan, both are dope.

  6. ethan says:

    all so good

  7. Jon Edwards says:

    Vincent Perrauds are amazing, although its kind of unfair that he was able to photo images at the banks and with nigel…. spent hours searching and colour correcting etc guess it didnt state either way.

  8. stoned kyle says:

    I like the first two and jon edwards. Good work guys

  9. stoned kyle says:

    ^^ well if they want a basic everyday ad they will pick those.

  10. tony says:

    so much frickin talent in here. i really really like uminski, edwards, thomas, and the first one from sergio.

  11. Jack says:

    Cant believe no ones mentioned Zach Rampen’s work. Amazing!

  12. Smiles says:

    Both of Zach Rampens are awesome as well as John Edwards. Vincents are siick but seems unfair that he could shoot with Nigel…. They all look good. Good luck picking a winner!

  13. Tim says:

    I like the photo of Queens by Doug. Its simple and shows a the real NYC where I live.

  14. Kassem says:

    The first from sergio is nice and also de ones from vincent

  15. Drewr says:

    Some great other entries! Well done dudes.

  16. Stephen Baker says:

    Defgrip. you guys rock thanks for adding the entry.

  17. Tudor Gillham says:

    Drew Raison’s is my favourite as well as Baker’s and Smee’s.

  18. LandonP says:

    Clint Reid and Zack Rampen are great

  19. Brendan Vail says:

    These are all really cool, thanks for putting mine up!

  20. clint says:

    Yeah, this was a fun contest, thanks for putting it on!

  21. chicken dinner says:

    and the winners are?????

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