Nigel Nike 6.0 Top 3

With the help of Nigel and the Defgrip crew, we have picked the top three for the wallpaper contest. Rather than having us pick the winner, we wanted to leave it up to you. You can check out the top three after the jump and who ever has the most comments by Monday morning (est) will be the winner! All you have to do is leave the persons name in the comments and please only comment once. Thanks!!!

Jon Edwards - Click to enlarge

Vincent Perraud - Click to enlarge

Stephen Baker - Click to enlarge

303 responses to “Nigel Nike 6.0 Top 3”

  1. Sweeney says:

    Vincent Perraud is the best, for real.

  2. student says:

    jon edwards!
    as has been stated before vincents crop is just weird, and it a pretty standard piece of work,
    where as jon and stephens work is alot more creative

  3. Bonnie says:

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