Dig Issue 74 Preview

The new photo issue of Dig is out now and aside from having a great cover photo shot by Sandy Carson, there’s a Backchat with our very own Nuno Oliveira!!

012 BALLBAG: Devin Feil wants you to do that again.
022 IGNITION: Jim Bauer travels a long way to jump a car.
026 DIG THIS!: Gary Young, Film vs Digital, Albie Bennet’s Photo Choice, Dolecki’s Disposable Memories, The Poor Man’s Photography Guide, Back Sack Crack, & more…
036 AND EVERYWHERE DOWN BELOW: Ricky Adam’s rooftop photo documentary. Where’s Escamillia when you need him anyway?
050 PRO CHOICE – JEFF ALLEN: A photo portfolio from our man with the secret life.
056 YOU CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU HAVEN’T LOST: A photo story of sorts by Ricky Adam…
062 PRIMARY COLORS: Dolecki get’s colorful with Doyle, Delarosa, Wood, Butcher, McDermott, Bohan & Roche.
076 PRO CHOICE – SANDY CARSON: An all new photo selection and all your questions answered. Kinda…
084 PRODUCTIVITY: Everything but cameras.
094 LOW PROFILE: Grady Corbitt and friends…
100 FORECLOSURE: Empty wallets equal empty pools. Mulville, DeGroot, Coplon & Co go on a mission.
108 LOST FOR WORDS: Even less words, even more photos.
108 NEW ROLL: Five of our favorite new photographers take center stage.
126 UNSOUND: The Morrisey it’s ok for punks to like.
128 BACKCHAT: Snappy answers from Defgrip’s Nuno Oliveira…

4 responses to “Dig Issue 74 Preview”

  1. Kyle says:

    I always love the photo issue.

  2. Andrew says:

    the issue is awesome! so good.

  3. Daddy says:

    Gonna be sooo good !

  4. nanoo.net says:

    Investors do pay direct and indirect prices.