Anyone who has stopped at the traffic light at Seventh St. and PCH in the morning has probably seen this small guy with a long beard waving at people. That’s literally all he does—no cardboard sign, no sad story, or little performance, he just waves at people in hopes of getting money from them—and it works! I usually see at least one person give him money every time I catch a light at that intersection. I have no clue how many red lights there are in an hour, but my guess is at least 30, and if he manages to get a dollar at every light he’s doing pretty damn good. I’ve never given the guy money before, but when I saw him wearing that bright blue “I heart LB” shirt I had to get a photo. Tony Neyer (whose arm accounts for a third of the photo) gave the guy a dollar while I shot what I think turned out to be priceless photo for only a dollar.

Camera info: Olympus Stylus Epic, Expired Fuji MS 100/1000.

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photos by Jeff Zielinski