Our backyard is like a mini animal kingdom; there are parrots that perch on the gutters and powerlines next door, a few of the neighborhood cats have become comfortable with using our yard as their litter box, doves and other assorted birds eat seeds off our porch, and blue jays swoop down and grab entire peanuts still in the shell. Speaking of peanuts, there is a squirrel that has become so comfortable around us and spoiled by peanuts that we can now hand feed it. Some mornings it will literally walk up to our door and knock things over to get our attention and when we open the door it’ll walk right in looking for peanuts. Using a camera with a fixed 28mm lens, I had to get really close to have that little squirrel this big in the frame, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Camera info: Olympus Stylus Epic, expired Fuji 100/1000.

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photos by Jeff Zielinski