Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Etnies

There’s been some info out and about in regards to Aaron Ross’ signature Etnies shoe colab with Odyssey, but Odyssey just threw up a photo book on their site with a bunch of photos of the shoe. I can’t decide if the footbed or the speckled are my favorite part of the shoe, but I am stoked they stayed true to the Aaron Ross color pallet. You can keep reading for a few photos of the shoe and check out the full flipbook on the Odyssey site.

14 responses to “Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Etnies”

  1. Max says:

    Rad shoe. I’d jump on one, but sadly I don’t think local shops will be getting some any time soon, and ordering from 3ride is out of the question… they’ll probably charge something like 120$ for this pair, and that’s something I really can’t afford.

  2. travis says:


  3. stoned kyle says:

    jim b can paint a bike good but please stay away from clothes and shoes

  4. Alex says:

    These are sweet. I’m on Format’s mailing list, I believe they will be selling these next Month.

  5. Sean says:

    Uh I dont know what you guys are all talking about, I just ordered a pair from empire a few hours ago, should be at my house on wednesday

  6. Goose says:

    is only they did these in high tops 🙁 still buying them tho!!

  7. Red says:

    I’d feel like a goob wearing them because I’m old, but I like them as things to look at.

    I like Jim’s sense of color. I keep seeing people ragging on it here and there…I can never tell if it’s old guys who think that it’s too kiddie and “gay” or young guys who think it doesn’t look tough enough to back up their fragile Millennial generation personas.

  8. terry sorrels says:

    i bought a pair of odyssey etnies 2 months ago and both of the bottoms of these shoes are coming apart.

  9. burgers says:

    yo sick ass shoes son

  10. blake says:

    these shoes are shit i bought them about a month ago and i barly to anything with them and they are ripping all over and tearing and the bottoms are comming off

  11. gilles says:

    ou je peut les acheter en france

  12. Brennennoyes says:

    want them!!

  13. boss man says:

    there boss

  14. Ryan says:

    Investors do pay direct and oblique costs.