Vincent Perraud @ Random

Eric Holley – Rail ride to barspin hop. Barcelona, Spain.

This pic was shot during the Eastern “la revolucion tour” in Barcelona to celebrate the come back of the brand in France via Sunex. We were driven across the city by Fernando Gomarin and when we arrived to this spot at “gran via”, Eric was really productive for our last day in spain.

For this trip, we were together in my car with all the luggage. At the spanish border we had a control, few guys around us with machine guns who asked what the fuck a guy from Minneapolis and a french dude are doing in Spain with all these bags?? Try to explain to military guys that you just want to ride bicycles… So after this incident we drink whiskey on the road (I was driving) for our arriving in town!

good memories!

Vincent Perraud

5 responses to “Vincent Perraud @ Random”

  1. stever says:

    crazy trick, sweet pic, drunk driving’s dumb

  2. chris says:

    That’s an awesome angle.

  3. LandonP says:

    Nice photo, interesting angle

  4. wild angleeeeee, i love it, this is how a fisheye should be used!

  5. Wilbur says:

    All sorts of investments include sure dangers.