The Decade’s 14 Biggest Design Moments

Fast Company has a year-end feature rounding up the 14 biggest moments in design from the past decade. While I’m not sure I agree with all of the choices, it’s pretty crazy to think back to the first time you saw an iPod, or the fact that Design With In Reach wasn’t around and everyone was driving huge SUV’s. You can also read a more in-depth feature on

Design With In Reach opens in 2002

The London Olympic Logo design by Wolff Olins

2009 The Burj Dubai

2005 Target's Clear Rx pharmacy bottle

Droog opens in 2003

2006 We Feel Fine artwork

2001 The Mini Cooper is introduced in the U.S.

2008 Shepard Fairey's Obama Posters

2001 the first iPod is released

You can read the complete article on Fast Company.

3 responses to “The Decade’s 14 Biggest Design Moments”

  1. DavidLang says:

    the lifestraws are so interesting

  2. Christopher says:

    My friend got me the We Feel Fine book and once Hamilton or I start chekcin it out, it’s tough to put down. I highly recommend receiving it as a gift

  3. Doreen says:

    That is true for funding recommendation as effectively.