Send Us Your Photos

Ryan Moore sent us this dope photo of him in a Quilted T shirt in a meeting room at his work (Victoria’s Secret!) The photo is too dope not to post and we want to see more for you guys. If you picked up a one of our t-shirts send us a photo rocking it! You can either send an email or just hit us on our Facebook page!

6 responses to “Send Us Your Photos”

  1. nico says:

    yo just got a shirt, i dont have a camera…gotta say though defgrip is my favorite website you guys make me want to get into photography

  2. matts says:

    I can’t imagine any one else’s photo being better than that one

  3. Chad says:

    yeah, thats kinda epic!

  4. DavidLang says:

    that photo is so damn good

  5. Ryan C. says:

    Wonderful photo. I’ve got some ideas. In the mean time I’ve been spreading the fine word,

  6. says:

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