Sandy Carson @ Random

Russell Brindley, sandy carson, trails, defgrip

Russell Brindley, sandy carson, trails, defgrip

“Russell Brindley, The funda’ from down unda’, having a roast on the East Coast. Sept 2009.”

Sandy Carson

8 responses to “Sandy Carson @ Random”

  1. sandy carson woahhhhhh :] good photo, looks like hes hanging in the in the air

  2. Rhyan says:

    cool, amazing move, simple but the style is very good

  3. logan says:

    yea Russ, putting on the gnar boots & roasting that shit!
    sandy’s work is so dialed.

  4. Embones Brindley says:

    Way to capture Mr. Brindley shredding, Sandy is amazing!

  5. sandy says:

    Cheers Y’alls.
    Your husband, he do the dirty work and go so high Embones!

  6. patches says:


  7. claw says:

    yeah russ

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