Raptor Pit


“Observations of the development of identity, the eccentricities of human experience, and the methods in which these elements are manifested within our immediate environments.” That is the quote on the top of Hoang Trans new photo blog – Raptor Pit. Hoang has had the blog going for a week or so and has already uploaded some great shots in there. Hoang is a very talented guy on and off his bike, so make sure to check his site on a regular basis because I know you’ll see some great work!






Check out more of Hoang’s photos at – raptorpit.tumblr.com

11 responses to “Raptor Pit”

  1. Alex says:

    Yeah duuuude! Raptors unite.

  2. Harrison Boyce says:

    Alex, you commented soooo fast! i swear the post was up for 2 seconds… haha.

  3. drew says:

    Shit! i had an idea hoang was into photography, but damn, they’re some cool ass pictures! i love the one of the motorbike, badass.

  4. Alex says:


    you better know right now that I check The Grip way too many times a day to miss out on any sort of post. I’m talking almost an embarrassing amount of daily check ins… Dedicated is the word I’m looking for.



  5. Jason says:

    Seriously serious good photos. No, seriously…
    Nice work Hoang!!

  6. H:handsome O:organism A:accelerating in N:nakedness G:gracefully

  7. mike fiz says:

    hahha i like that!

  8. Julien says:


    How do you find those talents you have on the site???

  9. steve kerr says:

    I dont see a raptor or the pit in any of these photos…..fail

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