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Subrosa, ad, bmx

Click below to check out a current Subrosa, bmx, ad, Lahsaan Kobza
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Subrosa, hoang tran, ad, bmx
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8 responses to “Print Ad: Subrosa”

  1. drew says:

    Yo shit hoangs trimmed up! fresh ahah.

    Subrosa killin’ it as usual.

  2. Ryansher says:

    I was scared. I asked Hoanf if he really wanted to do it, and he said “I got it boss.” Then he got it. Hoang is the best.

  3. fvd says:

    hopefully a bare-footed griz air.

  4. Hoang says:

    I actually stood up, walked 20ft and took a shit in a hole next to kyle.

  5. Ken says:

    Partial desaturation is pretty much the biggest crime possible in photography. So whats up with that? Also I’m a fan of the Subrosa brand so it’s a shame really.

  6. DavidLang says:

    I echo what Ken said. Subrosa’s media is usually dope but selective colour is honestly the worst thing ever. =[

  7. james wade says:

    Selective color = bad times.

  8. Eartha says:

    Traders do pay direct and oblique costs.

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