Print Ad: Mutiny

Mutiny has had a great ad camping going over the past year that consisted of a perfect formula: great photography, simple typography, and a new little graphic element for each ad. The ads are also very consistent with out being to repetitive. With the photo as the main focus, each ad is able to take on a life of its own while staying true to the campaign.

8 responses to “Print Ad: Mutiny”

  1. louis brown says:

    verry nice, i love the variations in there logo.

  2. Colin says:

    Caleb Everitt does great work for them and empire, too. I’ve been meaning to contract him for some work. He’s got a great eye for typography

  3. DavidLang says:

    These are all fantastic. Mutiny has some of the most dialed media in bmx for sure. Fuck I gotta watch Mystical soon! =/

  4. Harrison Boyce says:

    Yeah, Caleb Everitt is the man!

  5. sponge says:

    its not just caleb aron hoag also does work too.

  6. aron hoag says:

    Nope, that print campaign is all Caleb. Kid is dialed!

  7. LandonP says:

    Love his work, nice and simple over great photos

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