NFFTY Film Festival

NFFTY is a youth oriented Film Festival that happens each spring in Seattle, WA. This year, Nike 6.0 got together with NFFTY to add an action sports category. The film festival is perfect for all the kids that make or have made BMX videos and all you have to do is be under the age of 22 to submit your film. You can create something new or send in a piece you have already put together. The deadline for submissions is Feb 15th and you can keep reading to find out all the info.

Nike 6.0 Brings NEW Action Sports Category to NFFTY
(National Film Festival for Talented Youth)

YOUTH-MADE FILMS | 22 AND UNDER| DEADLINE FEB 15THNike 6.0 is partnering with NFFTY( National Film Festival for Talented Youth) to add an Action Sports Category to the largest and most influential film festival and support organization for filmmakers 22 and under.

The action sports category is open to any short film (30 minutes or under) that represents, showcases or is inspired by Action Sports, including skateboard, snowboard, surf, moto, wake, BMX, or freeski. In order to meet eligibility criteria for NFFTY 2010: 1) the film’s director must have been 22 years old or younger at completion of filming; 2) all music and other copyrighted material used in films must be original or filmmaker must have obtained permission from the owner; and, 3) the film must be in English or subtitled in English.

Submission deadline for the action sports category is Feb. 15th.

NFFTY 2010 will be held April 29-May 2 in Seattle with over 100+ film screenings, film making workshops, and opportunities to meet and network with industry professionals. Submission forms and film uploads can be completed at

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