New Wieden + Kennedy website


Advertising giants Wieden + Kennedy just launched a new website this week. With offices all over the world and a client list that will make your jaw drop, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to understand everything that is W+K. Their new website organizes all their work by each office and they have really edited down the selection of work shown to keep your head from exploding. Along with their work, they have a very active blog that is updated by all the different offices, a WK Entertainment section which is an “arts and culture digital content delivery platform”, a People section with photos of everyone who works for W+K, and so much more. Check out the new W+K site at and keep reading to check out some of their work as well as some of their classic commericals.










Check out everything Wieden + Kennendy at –

7 responses to “New Wieden + Kennedy website”

  1. fvd says:

    The Honda Accord ad is one of the best commercials ever. It’s such a creative way to show all the features it has and I remember reading something about how it was all done w/out any camera cuts or trickery. They had to try it multiple times just to get the timing right.

  2. Christopher King says:

    Fuckin’ dope post DEFGRIP! All the HONDA ads just seem so chill. Oh, and is that dude Charlie Murphy?

  3. Harrison Boyce says:

    Thanks Christopher! not sure it’s either Charlie or Eddie… and Francis… that Honda ad is so amazing. until i did this post day i never knew it was actually real… so crazy!

  4. DavidLang says:

    Wow, great post. Watched every ad on here and they were all bangers. W+K – masters of influence (manipulation).

  5. random says:

    it’s charlie murphy – will explain.

  6. billy says:

    the accord commercial is that of a rube goldberg cartoon. there are contests held around the world for elaborate ways to do simple tasks. neat stuff.

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