Mountains Book – Now In Stock!


We posted on Brooks Reynolds book  “Mountains” in October and now we are excited to announce you can buy the book for only $8 (plus shipping) from the Defgrip online store! You can get all the info about the book on the Mountains website and you can also check out a bunch of photos from our post here.

Click to buy Mountains from our online store!

7 responses to “Mountains Book – Now In Stock!”

  1. drew says:

    Really keen to get one! Shot you guys off an email.

  2. colton ponto says:

    stoked, hope you guys don’t sell all of them before I can get one.

  3. Brendan says:

    Wanted to order one and included another shirt aswell. Total shipping came to 21.95 dollars (shipping only that is, calculated by the online store thing). If I would make it two different orders shipping would total 2 x 6.95 = 13.90 dollars…

    Can someone clear things up?

  4. Harrison Boyce says:

    Damn, that’s really weird… Each product is being shipped from a different place. Brooks is sending the books from canada and we are sending the shirts from the US. We are still just getting started with the store and still have to work out the best way to run it… email me – and I’ll help you sort it out.

  5. Julien says:


    Can we get one even in France?



  6. Harrison Boyce says:

    yeah, we ship all over the world!

  7. says:

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