Lee Reynolds Interview

lee reynolds interview

— Did you make a conscious effort to get out of BMX, or did you just find something else that you were more interested in? Did you get into design at a young age?

I crashed and screwed up my ankle pretty bad… screws, plates and all that. It came at a really bad time as I wasn’t under contract with anyone. I had to move back to England to recover and get back on my feet, which took a while. When I was finally able to move back to San Diego a year and a half later everything had changed. No Enchanted Ramp, and no real vert scene. I still did shows for a few years, but was progressively getting more into DJing and designing. I was always into drawing but I started doing design work on a Mac around ’92 I’d say.

— I know you have a wife and a 12-year old daughter. How does your family like San Diego?

We like San Diego. Sometimes it seems a little slow compared to other cities, but we have a good network of friends, and you really can’t beat the weather. It’s hard to believe I’ve lived here for over half my life now! My daughter is Harmony and Zöe is my wife. I also have a 19 year old step daughter, Serene, and a grand-daughter, Lolli. We just opened up a clothing store here, it’s called ‘Hunt & Gather’. That’s keeping us pretty busy right now.

Tell us about the clothing the store. Who’s involved, what’s it called, how long have you had it?

My wife, Zoe and I own it, it’s called Hunt & Gather and we’ve been in business 6 months… So far so good!

  • True G, much respect always Lee!!!!

  • stone cold shredder… big ups, Lee

  • Micah

    I was just thinking about that Airwalk ad the other day. Amazing!

  • King of the “Cancan”!! Much respect to Lee

  • rick allison

    An amazing story and life.I remember you living at Rons place back in 88 or so.You were always a really cool guy n great rider.Really nice to see were your at today.Thx for sharing.

  • i like reading about these guys makes me wish i was around back then!

  • Rob J

    Had that advert hanging on my wall for years when i was younger. Much respect.

    Great interview dg!

  • Lee is one of my Favorite riders and one of the nicest guy’s you’ll ever meet

  • Dug

    I am pretty sure he was on the front of one of my folders back in grade school. Anyone remeber that? Was that him? Great interview, Keep up the good work.

  • :)

    I will ride his cock all day!

  • Xavier

    Lee, you always amaze me when you get on that bike, can’t wait to ride together again.


  • Andy Brown

    One of the nicest, coolest and giving guys in BMX.

  • Daz Whitfield

    Amazing rider and a top bloke!

  • Andy Irwin

    Great stuff with great pics and good luck with the shop it looks cool.

  • the american dream. so awesome! thanks for that guys.

  • Lee Reynolds

    Thanks for the kind words… you guys have gotten me all choked up!

  • Jesse D

    You are the Man Lee! Eating it at the vert demo showed me that it I will never be too old to make a fool of myself in front of a crowd. I still ride vert (mostly under coping) and dont think Ill ever stop JD

  • Colin Platts

    Cool interview good to see Lee is doing well great pics too

  • Nick Elkan

    Great interview….Always brings back great memories…I’ve got to get on my bike more..!

  • Great interview, good memories. All these dudes made a massive impact in the late 80’s.
    Can we please have an Angry Brown interview now?

  • Anthem 2

    Aaaah, yes..the Airwalk ad. My all time favorite BMX photo.
    A true inspiration indeed.
    Finally met this guy at the NORA cup rehearsal, it’s nice when you find out that your idols aren’t douchebags.
    It was a true pleasure.

  • Dave Young

    Great rider, great bloke, inspiring human being…..Nice one Lee respect!

  • Photos of Lee’s can-cans are part of the reason I started shooting photos to begin with. You just can’t do that trick any better.

  • Brian blyther

    Lee you rule, I love the way you cant holdback it inspires me to not be such a puss. Thanks for all you do stay healthy and ride. BB

  • Trev Noronha

    Cool interview.
    Lee was and still is an awesome rider and an all round nice guy.
    Really hope you can make it back over next year. Will be great to see you.

  • Lee, my favorite story is how you and your dad stole a christmas tree together… i always thought that was awesome.

  • I remember you came to the US and had some dreads, but they were with super glue. All of us wanted to try this idea, but stuck shit together and decided to glue money to shit so people would get excited but wouldn’t be able to get it. Sweet rider, super glue, nnnnice…

  • Lee Reynolds

    I really appreciate all the kind words and funny stories!
    If any of you are in San Diego hit me up and we’ll go ride.

  • Simon Tabron

    You’ll be cool forever Lee!
    I’m in SD, I’m hitting you up, let’s ride soon!

  • Great getting to meet you Lee and hanging out with you and a great time it was..!!!!!

  • chris pullen

    i remember riding with lee in the late 80s at meanwhile, london under the flyover! wow he used to go so high on his hutch that he alost hit the roof most times, must have been 40 feet off the ground even back then! he was so good it was unbelieable!, chris pullen!

  • Angry Brown

    Just stumbled over this Lee! Great read mate 🙂

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