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justin inman, trails, bmx

justin inman, trails, bmx
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You know when you grow up and you have no idea how common or uncommon your name is until you start meeting people that have the same name as you? Or the lack of meeting people that have the same name as you? Your given name is what it is – and it is normal to you. I grew up with a next door neighbor my same age who was also named Justin, so I thought it was pretty standard. Confused yet? I am.

This is one of the only photos I have of another “Justin” riding BMX. Justin Inman whips out a steezy tire grab at Solame trails as the sun tries it’s hardest to get past the trees. Circa 2007 when I was in Oregon staying with Ryan Barret and lugging around a bigfoot costume to every spot.

– Justin Kosman

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6 responses to “Justin Kosman @ Random”

  1. Andrew White says:

    One day I’ll shoot photos with the Andrew White from the North East.
    Pretty wild coincidence to have the same name within BMX.

  2. tom perry says:

    Pretty intense highlights but I dig the composition and the colorz, Justin.

  3. justin kosman says:

    It’s all about high key TP.

    It’s that old shit that’s about to be new and not cool again.

    Nice moves. The Pit sesh will be out tomorrow morning. Used the fence clip and the ice to tube shoot clip.

  4. tom perry says:

    I hear ya. Might be rad with a bit of grain to it (not noise, grain) to add some texture to the high key lighting. Seriously ridiculous motowhip tire grab too. Rad about The Pit clipz. Look forward to viewing that HD masterpiece.

  5. tbvo says:

    The downhill section @ solame has some of the best hits in the country.
    Watching him boost is most memorable
    sweet grab, dope spot!

  6. Myrtle says:

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