JNKFD Year One Zine


Christian Hewett just hit us up to spread the word about the year end JNKFD zine. The issue is a collection of new and old photos from the past year and there is some great stuff in there. Mostly all film and a good mix of BMX and non-BMX photos. It is in one of those flash magazine things that a lot of people seem to not like, but I figured out that if you click “view in full screen” then “click to zoom” it will get rid of the weird animation and give you some nice big photos. Check out the zine at JNKFD.com and keep reading for some shots from the best of zine.








Check out the zine at JNKFD.com

4 responses to “JNKFD Year One Zine”

  1. Chris Duncan says:

    Def grip is actually the first BMX webzine that I ever started reading and I actually enjoy it more than any other online set up.
    True story

  2. DavidLang says:

    wow. bangin photos

  3. katie palmer says:

    sup! these pics are so good, jnkfd! i love the one of the jack russell terrier! 🙂

  4. Buford says:

    All sorts of investments include sure risks.