Huy Doan @ Random

stacy, huy doan

Photographer Huy Doan sent through a bunch of options for this @Random, so I’m running with a few of them at once this time. Huy has shot professionally with some amazing people, so be sure to browse his SITE. Enjoy!

cars, huy doan, los angeles

“Iroc vs. Monster”

This is the same street which Samy’s camera is on in Los Angeles. Which I stop to shop time to time. It’s a nice neighborhood and wouldn’t really expect to see these awesome rides around.

spongebob, forgela, huy doan

“More to the Right”

Whenever a party involves the, you can always count on a pinata to show up.

stacy, huy doan, los angeles

“Stacey from the Dime”

Meet Stacey, she’s the local bartender at the Dime which is conveniently behind my apt.

6 responses to “Huy Doan @ Random”

  1. carlito brigante says:

    huy is a master of his craft.
    IROCs are the ultimate classic car.
    The Forge is a rad place.
    Stacie is the best bartender in the greater los angeles area.

  2. Jeff Kolar says:

    Huy never fails! Love the monster cars.

  3. Dug says:

    Huy is my hero.

  4. Hong says:

    Nice photos!
    Love The Hills!
    No one messes with SBSP. He’s so square he’s kewl!

  5. Huy says:

    Thanks for the comments and the kind words.

  6. Irwin says:

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