Garrett Reeves

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Really enjoyed this Garrett Reeves video posted on thecomeup a few days ago. Cool use of spots and fast, smooth lines. This is apparently leftover footage, wonder what his ‘real’ part will be like?

Garrett Reeves SundayXLotek Web Video from Mike Mastroni on Vimeo.

7 responses to “Garrett Reeves”

  1. fraser says:

    This guy is refreshing!

  2. koma says:

    lto bad lag.s for me, am, song please? ;]

  3. David Lang says:

    Let’s Live for Today by the Grass Roots. There’s a dope old vid of a televising of the track on yootoob –

  4. nick says:

    Creed Barton of The Office fame getting sick on the guitar.

  5. Adam22 says:

    Garrett is the truth… in a gay way.

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