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drew raison photography

drew raison photography

JON MACKELLAR – photographed by DREW RAISON - click to enlarge

Young Jon Mackellar, at 15 years of age shreds anything; here’s an example of him doing a tidy invert, which mind you, I had never seen him do ‘till I released the shutter on this shot, on the steel miniramp at out local park –Jindalee In Brisbane, Australia. I can really dig doing shoots with this dude, he won’t rush me to setup my stuff and even when I have technical problems, with things like flashes (Bloody flashes!!!), it’s always good baby, but most importantly, he’s stoked to bring the noise! Watch this space!

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  1. heider says:

    australian riders are bad ass. should check out this company that sponsors a couple of them http://www.impuritybike.com

  2. jackbirtles says:

    shits cunt i know

  3. Salvatore says:

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