Derek Adams in PDN

Derek Adams and one other unidentified rider recently had some photos of themselves featured in PDN magazine.

Click below to read Derek’s accounts of the day.

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A few months ago, long before a sheet of snow blanketed the East Coast, I was soaking up the sun and riding FDR in some fashionable cut off jorts. There was a guy shooting pictures with some serious looking equipment and a photo assistant. His name was Jonathan Barkat and he was shooting just for fun, experimenting with the difficult lighting situation that is FDR. He wanted to get some of the BMXers in his photos so we worked with him to knock out a couple shots. They came out rad and that was pretty much it. Then, last week Nick Ferreira told me he saw the shots in PDN Magazine and they had been awarded first place in the “Personal Projects” category. I picked up a copy and sure enough there they were, among some of the world’s best fashion, commercial, and digital photography. I was psyched that we got to represent some bmx up in there.

For the photo nerds, I asked Jon what kind of equipment he used and he said it was Hasselblad H2D with a Leaf Aptus 22 back, and one off camera flash (Elinchrom Ranger) being held by someone else.

Check out Jon’s website for some great images (and if anyone knows the other bmx guy in the photos let him know about this).

Derek Adams

3 responses to “Derek Adams in PDN”

  1. drewr says:

    this guys lighting is unreal! i would really love to know what he does to achieve it, it’s nothing like ive seen.

  2. Josh says:

    Yeah, that’s about a $35,000 get up. Adorama offers free shipping on the Hasselblad…just in case you were interested.

  3. says:

    Now it is time to pick your particular investments.