Contest: Nike 6.0 & Nigel Sylvester

Win a free pair of Nike 6.0 MVRKS designed by Nigel Sylvester

Defgrip, Nigel Sylvester and Nike 6.0 are excited to offer you a chance to win a pair of Nigel’s Nike 6.0 MVRK shoes. To win the shoes, all you have to do is design a desktop wallpaper that includes the color purple and some elements of New York city, like building, skylines, or the subway. Get super creative and think of what kind of wallpaper you’d be psyched to have on your computer! The winner will be chosen by Nigel and the Defgrip crew and the top three entries will be available for download on Defgrip.

To submit your wallpaper make a design that is 1920 pixies wide by 1200 pixels tall at screen resolution (72dpi). All files must be submitted as jpg’s and you can send your entires to

The contest ends January 6th, so in order to be eligible to win, you must submit your designs by 11:59pm January 6th!

Designed by Nigel Sylvester

These buttery delicious shoes are what happens when one of the world’s most stylish and creative BMX riders re-masters, re-colors, and re-invents a classic 6.0 shoe – the Mavrk. Nigel Sylvester’s designed Mavrk features a premium, black on black play of texture and materials. The right foot boasts a toe box sewn in ostrich leather, while the left shoe is pure croc. The stingray leather swooshes alternate, gold on the outside and black on the inside. Up front the shoe keeps itself perpetually cool with an ice gel toe bumper balanced out with the quilted regal lining in purple, the color of kings that come from Queens. Should you find yourself lucky enough to cop a pair of these limited pieces you may want to consider pairing them up with Nigel’s signature Chocolate frame from Mirraco bikes.

Available Nov 2nd exclusively at Dans Comp.

– Back heel pull-tab means easy-on, easy-off.
– Sure-fit tongue strap, kinda like a jock strap, except for your foot.
– Honeycomb construction for lightweight comfort.
– Additional dose of flex and sticky gum for pedal feel and grip.

8 responses to “Contest: Nike 6.0 & Nigel Sylvester”

  1. Drew K says:

    Ive got a great idea but no supplies. So I’ll put it out there. The movie cover of the movie “The Color Purple” and snow. Nudge nudge wink wink, know what I mean?

  2. LandonP says:

    Word, definitely gonna enter a few designs

  3. love the sneakers we should link up on some designs

  4. Tom Howard says:

    are international entries allowed? ie UK

  5. drew says:

    One entry per person, yeah?

  6. Harrison Boyce says:

    Yo, you can submit as many wallpapers as you wan, and the contest is open for anyone anywhere in the world!

  7. Kyle says:

    You guys should definitely do more contests like this in the future.

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