Bobcat Edit

bob bobcat stringer bmx video

Check out a nice edit by Chris Wilmshurst of Bob “Bobcat” Stringer filmed over the span of a few sessions at an indoor park.

7 responses to “Bobcat Edit”

  1. Jon Edwards says:

    Guy has sick one handed tables….

    Cant help but feel he’s trying to jump Rich’s wagon abit late with the whole lights and dust effect. Pans were nice though.

  2. fools says:

    rich’s wagon? rich can’t do an original thing to save his life, he’s on every skate bandwagon there is for the past several years…

    video wasn’t showing for me:

  3. Harrison Boyce says:

    I could be wrong, but I think Jon was referring to Richard Frone –

    I’m pretty sure Richard wasn’t the first person to use lights in an edit, so I don’t think Chris is jumping on his bandwagon… But I do think both dudes make great work.

  4. Chris Wilmshurst says:

    In my defense… i was mainly influenced by the indoor park section on Lets get Mystical… I just cant stop watching that video!

  5. really says:

    it’s a little too dramatic.

  6. Craig Tull says:

    Chris it’s giving you good results so keep doing what you’re doing!